Starter Alone or to share

  • Chicken breast & foie gras pâté
  • 36 month matured PATA NEGRA BELOTA ham, sold
  • Burrata cheese with cherry tomatoes and rocket, 2 persons
  • Home smoked salmon with tapioca chips, herbs and lemond flavoured cream
  • Foie gras as a nougat & dry fruits
  • Bone marrow, toast of bread
  • Asian way broth served with steamed vegetables served with :
    Stips of chicken breast d’Alice, peanut
    Red tuna, main de bouddha cedrat

Savoyarde specialities

  • Savoyarde fondue ( Dishes for 2 persons minimum)

Main course to share

  • Prime rib beef from AUBRAC with french fries & salad
  • Duck breast served with a tasty macaroni gratin
  • Rack of lamb with cereals risotto
  • Piece of suckling pig served with a tasty macaroni gratin


  • Bar cooked in a asian steam basket served with black rice & vegetables
  • Honey covered ribs of pork served with mashed sweet potatoes
  • Burger « STEAK CLUB » with french fries & salad
  • Large rib steak with béarnaise sauce, french fries & salad
  • Slice of Alice chicken served with mashed potatoes & walnuts
  • Traditional steak tartare with condiment, french fries & salad
  • Mixed vegetables wok « Made in STEAK CLUB »

Chef exécutif / Eric Darut
Chef consultant / Cyril Attrazic
1 étoile Guide Michelin / Aumont-Aubrac (48).


    • Chocolate mousse from our childhood (to be shared by two)
    • Verbena flavoured crème brûlée
    • Home made chocolate and hazelnut spread tiramisu
    • Chartreuse Baba

New year menu

  • Appetisers
  • Roasted Lobster with Hibiscus sauce & Tempura Pincers
  • Rossini Beef Filet & Truffled mashed potatoes
  • Féra filet Stock & vegetables
  • Chocolate dome & red fruits confit
  • Sweets